From concept to capsule

Many customers choose Health Wright Products because they’re looking for a contract manufacturer that specializes in encapsulation. What keeps them coming back is the way we manage their manufacturing needs, and the quality that goes into our interactions, solutions, and finished products.

A clear market focus

Upon launching in 1995, HWP made a strategic decision to focus on the encapsulation market. Our primary goal was to answer a critical market need that other firms were not addressing: namely, providing focused, turnkey solutions that adhere to quality and integrity through every phase.

This vision still guides our work, and serves as the backbone of our core services, including:

  • Formula analysis, development and pilot batch creation.
  • Refrigerated storage for raw materials and temperature-sensitive ingredients.
  • Final formula blending and production.
  • Filling and encapsulation, including:
    • Capsule sizes 4, 3, 1, 0, 0EL, 00 and 00EL, with the ability to customize.
    • Vegetarian and gelatin capsules.
    • Clear, colored, and printed capsules.
  • Immediate and delayed-release capsules.
  • Rigorous product testing, including:
    • Test cap procedures.
    • Testing raw materials for identity, potency and purity.
    • Testing for microbes, heavy metals, and finished product specifications.
  • Meeting independently audited GMP regulations:
    • NSF certified GMP.
    • NSF for Sport certified.
  • Final bottling and packaging, including affixing pre-printed labels.
  • Blister packaging.
  • Delivery.

Maximum value for today and tomorrow

As science continues to move our industry forward, HWP helps you maximize the potential of your formulas in today’s market, while staying ahead of industry trends, changes, and new regulations.

As your encapsulation partner, we provide the highest level of total value you will find among any contract manufacturer. This includes delivering the quality you expect and services you require at costs that support your growth.

In working with some of the most trusted and recognizable brands in the industry, we monitor and document every production step, from raw material analysis to final product inspection, complete with full traceability and in-process controls. In addition, our production supervisors, quality control group, and customer service specialists provide a level of support and diligence you will not find elsewhere.

Encapsulation Services by Health Wright Products