Quality at every step

Health Wright Products infuses quality into every capsule, from how we analyze raw materials to our final product inspection. We are driven to manufacture solutions for our clients using well-tested methods and critical analysis, while meeting production and turnaround schedules.

Our Mission: focused on growth

HWP’s mission is to achieve profitable growth through encapsulating excellence, and by exceeding our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, cost and commitment. Company-wide, we understand the importance of your products. We want your products to provide the effects your customers want, and to exceed the value they expect. When your brand is seen as a trusted nutritional resource, your company will continue to thrive.

Our Vision: to innovate and communicate

We seek to innovate and lead the encapsulation industry, and to be your manufacturer of choice. In addition, we strive to create and maintain a professional environment that inspires the best in our people, which not only drives innovation further but also encourages new people to seek employment with HWP.

We are built on communication, integrity and trust. Our senior leaders remain active in daily operations, quality control and sales matters, encourage input from all employees, and inspire a team-first concept that drives our company forward. Information is key in our industry, and communicating information along any number of channels helps us stay laser sharp in our approach. We encourage our people to ask questions and seek answers in order to support the process.

Our Values: always be accountable

We trust our people, and appreciate when they return this trust. In supporting one another, we continue to support the needs of our clients. When you consider that the products we manufacture make their way to the vitamin shelves and medicine cabinets of millions of Americans, you understand why we are meticulous, detail-oriented and focused. 

In addition to accountability, we focus on the following business dynamics:

  • We do what we say, and follow up on promises.
  • We accomplish our work with respect and integrity.
  • We execute with speed and accuracy.
  • We take prudent risks, and are willing to make tough decisions.
  • We work as a team, and foster a team environment throughout our organization.
  • We believe in being the best.

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