Leading with openness and intent

Since our founding, Health Wright Products has emphasized the importance of staying open to what our employees bring to the table, what our customers need, and where the market is trending. This openness has infused HWP with a great deal of fluidity that allows us to respond and adapt to an ever-changing and rapidly expanding industry.


Mark Wright

President & Co-Founder

Since 1995, Mark Wright has led HWP on an intentional growth pattern, building its operations to the point where HWP successfully manages the needs of more than 75 active brands and thousands of unique formulas, with room for more.


Megan Westbrook

Chief Human Resources Officer

Megan Westbrook, HWP’s Director of Human Resources since 2009 seeks quality, self-motivated professionals who will share in and enhance the company’s vision for current success and ongoing growth.


Dan Warner

Chief Operations Officer

Dan brings many years of qualified professional experience into the work he performs at HWP. His experience is instrumental in helping us maintain our place as industry leaders where accountability and operational efficiencies are concerned.


Mike Rusk

Chief Finance Officer

Health Wright Products